Aqua Quest Guide Silicone Tarp Review – A Must Have for Wet Weather

By Christina Scheuermann

Aqua Quest Guide Silicone tarp: Last year was a year full of wet weather. My tarp was there with me through all of it, and continuously assists me in enjoying the outdoors even when the outdoors isn’t bright and sunny. My tarp is 10’x 13’ and what I like most about it is it fits into a bag the size of a Nalgene bottle. It has a centre loop on the top of the tarp which makes it easier to hang in difficult environments, and it is strong, but still light. Being outdoors in wet weather is much more comfortable when you are nice and dry under a great tarp. I can hang my tarp over the fire pit (be sure it is high enough to avoid it melting or catching on fire) and still enjoy being outdoors, sitting by the fire and being in nature, even in the pouring rain. It is a must for anyone who likes to camp, regardless of the type of camping, and will ensure you can always enjoy being outside, even when it’s not dry out. It is also great protection for you from the sun and gives you some much needed shade on those extremely hot days or shelter from the wind as well.  This tarp has become one of my most favourite pieces of gear and there are few places I would venture without it by my side.

Price: $65 – $150 (varies by size and model)

For more information, check Aqua Quest Tarps webpage.

Aqua Quest Silicone Tarp Review - In Backcountry Use
A must have for backcountry use


Aqua Quest Silicone Tarp Review - In Backcountry Use (2)


Aqua Quest Silicone Tarp Review - Size
Size (its the one on the top left)

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