Camping Must Haves 2021

I started as a camping newbie back in 2013. Over the last 8 years, I have done car camping, RV camping and explored the backcountry of many Ontario parks. Each experience has taught me something and if there is one thing that I have to take away from my experiences, it is having the right gear can make all the difference between an enjoyable camping trip and a disastrous one. Here are a list of best camping gears that I would recommend

Car Camping

(This is not a checklist. I will only be highlighting gears that are often overlooked by beginners and the ones that are my favorite)

  1. Camping stove – I love my Coleman 2 burner camping stove on my car camping trip with my friends and family. It is light weight, durable, efficient and enough to cook for a whole family in short time
  2. Camping Water Container – This is one of the gears that are often overlooked by newbies but almost every seasoned car camper has one. I have tried the collapsible water containers, but never actually worked well for me. I like the sturdy ones like 5-Gallon Coleman water carrier
  3. Tarp, Rope and Pole – When thinking about camping, many people think just about the tent and the camp fire. The living area is where you and your family will spend most of the day. Many of my camping trips in the beginning have been spoiled by rain. There was one time at Killarney when it rained for straight 3 days. Having a good tarp setup is the key to tackle rain. I usually take a really big tarp or 2 medium sized tarps. The thing with tarps is you need rope to tie it at the ends, the tension at the edge will keep the tarp from collecting water on its roof. If the tarp is large, then you need poles to support the lag areas in the middle
  4. Camping Hammock – So, you have setup the tent, the tarp and the site. Now its time to relax. I love my Honest Outfitters camping hammock – its durable, comfortable and large enough for me to rollover my sides at times
  5. Serrated knife for cutting tree branches

(Continued to be updated)

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