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Galeairy Lake, Algonquin – My Favorite Campsite in Ontario

Galeairy Lake, Algonquin – My Favorite Campsite in Ontario

When I was asked to do a short post on my favorite campsite by Parks Blogger, I was a bit stumped. I mean, I have been camping for a very very long time and have had the great fortune of staying on some pretty incredible sites during that time.  I have honestly gone back and forth on a handful of options and after a tonne of deliberation, I have finally chosen just one.

There are many reasons I chose the site I did. For starters, I have been to this one site more than any other site.  It is in what I call my ‘home park’ Algonquin Provincial Park and it has many assets.

The site is on Galeairy Lake and I have pointed it out on the map attached.  The first time I visited this site was in 2002 when I started backcountry camping. It was not my first trip, but the summer I had started tripping.  I was looking for a site I could stay on that was a little ways into the backcountry, but where I wouldn’t have to do a portage or make a huge effort to get to it.  I wanted a site that had a nice shoreline and had a few day trip options as well.  This site has all of that and so much more!

For every trip I’ve done to this site I’ve rented a canoe at the East Gate Motel in Whitney, which is very close to the put in.  They will have the canoe ready and waiting there for you, and all you need to do is stop in to settle the bill and pick up your paddle, life vest and safety kit. As I drive past the East and West Gate of Algonquin Park, to arrive at this location, a permit can be obtained at either, fairly easily, but the East Gate is closest.

The canoes are left a dock near the Airy Dam at Access 13 on the canoe routes map. You are able to park your car there, and load up your gear, quite easily and before you know it, you are on your way! You then have a lovely paddle through Galeairy Lake to the site.  I believe it takes approximately an hour and a half to get to the site but this would obviously depend on your paddling speed, the weather, the wind,  etc.  It is approximately 8km’s in from Access 13.

The site has a beautiful rock shoreline all around it, but the west side has low smooth shallow rocks which are good for docking your boat at.  There is also a point that is good for filtering water on and due to this point, most of the site is surrounded by water. If the sun is up and out, you can almost always find a place to sit in it and enjoy it.  From the site you can observe both sunrise and sunset and out from the west shore there is a huge boulder you can paddle or swim to and explore.  Behind the site is an old railway trail and if you follow it, it will take you to some fun and interesting places to explore.

Day tripping from here is also excellent and highly recommended.  The privy is in a good location and the site being on a grade in many places drains well if you are expecting rain. There are also a few good sheltered areas to put your tent in that will protect you from the weather, but still give you a gorgeous view.  I have always found the site very quiet and private and except for a few trippers passing by, you don’t see too many other people around.

Overall, the site to me has everything I could want in a site and more! If you are looking for an easy backcountry trip, a place to take new campers, which I have done many many times here, or just a relaxing visit to a scenic peaceful site with little effort, this might be the site for you!


My name is Christina Scheuermann and I have a blog where I publish posts on my adventures and inspire others to get outside!  I live in the Niagara Area but spend a good amount of time in the North, camping and exploring.  I have been adventuring most of my life and am an avid paddler, backcountry camper, car camper and hiker, to list a few of my passions.  I hope you check out my adventures at CamperChristina.com and enjoy your visit!

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