How Have Camping Themes Become So Prevalent in Gaming and iGaming?

People who live in Canada are lucky to reside in one of the best countries in the world for incredible campgrounds. Indeed, the North American nation was voted in the top five worldwide, alongside New Zealand, India, Australia, and Iceland. Many people travel to Canada to sleep among its stunning scenery, but there are other ways to get a taste of the much-loved nature activity. Indeed, camping themes have always been highly prevalent throughout the gaming industry.

Camping in Red Dead Redemption 2

So Many Wood-Themed Games in iGaming

Camping is a popular pastime in Canada, and it’s up there with other activities like iGaming. Developers targeting players in the country know that it makes sense to offer games with camping themes, as these are likely to appeal to a lot of people. In lists of online slots, there are plenty of wood-themed games that will allure nature enthusiasts. These include titles like Wild Tome of the Woods, Beastwood, Shimmering Woods, and Wizard of the Woods.

All of these games come from different developers, highlighting how several studios have identified the camping demographic among iGaming players. Slots are designed to offer players escapism and allow them to fulfil their interests in another way. When people can’t get out to the glorious campsites of Canada, they can log on to an online casino and play these games instead to get a taste of the woods.

If you look through other iGaming offerings, it’s easy to see that studios often try to provide themes that are going to appeal to a large number of people. This is why there are titles based on Hollywood blockbusters that many people have seen. There are also plenty of titles based on well-known periods of history, such as ancient Egypt and ancient Rome. Slots give people a simple and accessible way to experience the themes they love by including some of their key aspects.

Camping Has Been Featured in Many Open-World Games

For players who want to get a more detailed camping experience from their games, there are numerous offerings that go into greater depth. Slots can act as an excellent introduction to camping themes, spurring people on to go and seek other options on different platforms. Console players have access to a wealth of titles that make them feel as if they’re out camping in the great outdoors.

One of the best uses of camping in open-world games came is found in Red Dead Redemption from 2010. In the title from Rockstar San Diego, players took on the role of protagonist John Marston, traversing the open plains of the American frontier in the early 20th century. The ground-breaking title introduced a unique concept when players wanted to save their game. At this point, players would set up a campsite and the character would go to sleep. He would then wake up a few hours later feeling refreshed.

This idea was expanded upon in Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018. The sequel is regarded as one of the greatest games ever made, and it reached this status by taking what was loved about its predecessor and making it better. The campsites in the 2018 offering were sprawling mini-communities in which players could converse with other characters and get involved with a range of activities. For example, they could sit down and play dominoes with other outlaws or stock up on guns and supplies from one of the various caravans.

The amazing graphics of the much-loved western helped to give players a feeling that they were really outdoors camping with these characters. It helped that there was also the option to hunt wildlife and bring it back to camp to eat. There are few games that have offered this level of realism in the history of gaming.

The list of open-world survival games in which you can build a campsite spans way beyond these beloved offerings. Another hugely popular option is Open Country, which is designed to give players an immersive wildlife experience. Players are tasked with leaving the city behind and getting out into nature. They take a rifle and ammo with them so they can hunt and kill their own food. There’s also a heavy focus on building campsites and ensuring that they are safe from wolves and bears.

Open Country trailer

Gaming Experience Will Be Enhanced Through Innovations Like Virtual Reality

These camping experiences in games are likely to get even more realistic and engaging when virtual reality becomes a staple platform among gamers. Predictions suggest that VR could be about to take off in the next few years, with Mark Zuckerberg claiming that more than one billion people will be using his metaverse by 2030. At this point, the gaming industry will have progressed rapidly and there will be plenty of offerings that give players a sense that they are actually camping in the wilderness.

This will be hugely beneficial for people who may not be able to get out camping in the real world, and it will give them a true feeling of what it’s like. There are already VR options that let people experience activities such as skydiving and rollercoasters. There are also detailed VR trips around some of the best hikes in the world, highlighting that there’s a huge market for these realistic VR offerings.

At the moment, VR is still rudimentary compared to what many people predict it will be like in the future. After another ten years’ worth of innovations, the headsets could be paired with haptic clothing items such as gloves. When this comes to fruition, it will be possible for game creators to build camping titles that involve all the key aspects of the activity, such as chopping wood and building fires.

It’s clear that camping is one of the most popular themes in every corner of the gaming industry. The capabilities of these titles are going to get even better once VR becomes mainstream. Players at home will be able to put on headsets and instantly get a taste of the wilderness.