How To Properly Use Bear Spray

As a newbie to back country Ontario, I have been preparing for weeks now to make sure I have all the stuff I need for my upcoming kayak camping trip in French River provincial park. I went out and met couple of experienced back country paddlers, repeatedly checked out popular outdoor shops and read a lot of online articles. Although I am paranoid about a lot of things going wrong in my first back country trip, there is always one thing that frightened me the most. A bear encounter!

When you are an outdoor enthusiast from Canada, you cannot help but notice, every once in a while, a news article making the headlines about a bear victim. And it definitely sends a chill down my spine every single time. So, just like most of us here, I went out and bought a bear spray and added it to my gear pack. However, I have always wondered how to use it?!

Today, I came across this wonderful video on “How to properly use bear spray” by Government of Alberta. Its a very interesting and casual educational video on how to reduce the risk of a bear encounter and the proper use of bear spray. Check it out!


Also, check out this useful article by Jeff Morrison on Bear safety while camping in Ontario

Shortly after I found the above video, I came across an another one by Field & Stream magazine. Probably got inspired by the above one 🙂 Anyhow, I thought I will include this one here too due to its high relevance.

* I am sorry about the odd frame size below, you can use the full screen option within the video, while I figure out how to re-size the video frame