Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park – Reviews

Prior to Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, my camping experience had never left the confines of my childhood. While the past three years have since brought me trekking through the backcountry, along the borders of Crown land and through many provincial and national parks, Kakabeka Falls remains close to my heart because it affirmed my love for the outdoors.

Kakabeka Falls Provincial Parks’ Boardwalk Trail and the Mountain Portage Trail offer two beautiful and profound perspectives of the Kaministiquia River and the falls. While Kakabeka is indeed Canada’s second largest falls, lacking crowds set it ahead of Niagara Falls as it provides travellers and campers with a significantly more natural experience.

All three of the park’s campgrounds (Whispering Hills, Riverside and Fern’s Edge) have space for all preferences- from open lots for families and large groups to sites that are slightly secluded, offering comfort for quiet solo travelers. Each campsite offers access to various trails. Unfamiliar with tent etiquette at the time, I spent the night at the campground with my collapsed tent wrapped around my body. Regardless of discomfort, I lay transfixed by the stars and sounds around me.

– Laura Paskevics