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Lake Superior Provincial Park and its Colossal Beauty

Lake Superior Provincial Park and its Colossal Beauty

Lake Superior Provincial Park is located on the north east side of Lake Superior.  It is a beautiful park with spectacular scenery, rugged shorelines, pebbled beaches, cliffs and enchanting forests, rivers and lakes. Lake Superior is like an inland sea. It is so huge, it has its own weather system. Lake Superior Provincial Park is a great place to experience its colossal beauty and power .

We have made the journey to the park 4 times and have always had an amazing time and always have a hard time leaving.  We visited it in late June as summer was just getting started. We visited it in the fall twice and were amazed by the brilliant fall colours. And our most recent visit was a 5 day stay in August of 2014, where we enjoyed its mid-summer glory.

We stayed at Agawa Bay Campground in August with our campsite right on the beach.  Over the 5 days, we experienced a nice variety of summer weather. We had a couple of days with high winds giving us crashing waves and bending trees. We also enjoyed calm sunny days perfect for a cool dip in the Superior. However, our favourite times were in the calm evenings with the sky full of stars. The Milky Way was in full view and we even had the Northern Lights dance for us one night.

We took advantage of some of the trails during our visit. We did Agawa Rock Trail early in the day to avoid the crowds and take advantage of the Lake under calmer conditions. It’s a short trail that travels through beautiful forest and some interesting narrow cracks through the rocks. The highlight of the trail, of course is the rock shoreline cliffs with the fascinating petroglyphs that includes abstract figures and images of real and mythical animals.

Other impressive vistas include the 200m cliffs of Old Woman Bay, Old Woman River, Agawa Beach, Baldhead River and falls, Sand River and many of the unmarked areas of  the Superior Shoreline along the highway.

We wish we had more time as there were other trails and areas we would have loved to explore. But, that just means we are going to have to go back soon and continue our adventure in Lake Superior Provincial Park.

Agawa Beach

a large pebbled beach with beautiful view

Agawa Beach - a large pebbled beach with beautiful view

Sundown at Agawa  Bay

Most of the people leave the beach after the sun goes down and miss the best light.

Sundown at Agawa Bay

Sunset at Agawa  Bay

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. It’s going to be a nice day tomorrow.

Sunset at Agawa Bay

Agawa Bay Campground

Campsite with a view

Agawa Bay Campground

The shoreline on Lake Superior

can be very rugged and natural.

The shoreline on Lake Superior

Starry Night on Superior

with a glow of the Aurora Borealis. It’s hard to get an image without a satellite or plane streaking across.

Starry Night on Lake Superior provincial park

Agawa Rock Trail

passes through an enchanting forest including a narrow path with  walls of shear rock.

Agawa Rock Trail

Agawa Rock Paintings

can be seen but only when the lake is calm. The petroglyphs are among the most famous in Canada.

Agawa Rock Paintings

Juvenile Magnolia Warblers

is among the many variety of birds that make the park their summer home.

Juvenile Magnolia Warblers

The Milky Way

dominates the sky on clear nights. The 180 degree view at Agawa Bay allows for some great stargazing.

The Milky Way at Agawa Bay - Lake Superior provincial park

Rabbit Blanket Lake

on a sunny day in mid September with the fall colours.

Rabbit Blanket Lake - Lake Superior Provincial Park

Old Woman River

can be quite shallow in the fall, but very scenic with the colours along the shoreline.

Old Woman River - Lake Superior Provincial Park

Authors: Tony & Kathy deGroot

We are  amateur naturalists and nature photographers. We love the outdoors, camping, canoeing & hiking. Our adventures and photography can be seen on our website, Adventures in Photography at www.tonydegroot.com.

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