Group Campground, Bronte Creek

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(Reviewed on August 2021)
Country meets City in a Jiffy! Loved it!!!!
My first time overnight camping at the park and to say that my boyfriend and I had a blast is an understatement!!! It was EVERYTHING we could have asked for and more! We couldn't get over the nice, big, size of our campsite and the privacy was amazing! We had to walk the park to jot down all the other campsites we are interested to stay at and let's just say I had my android notepad out for that. Lol. Such a lovely park, amenities so close such as showers and bathrooms and water stations that came in really handy during our walks. Then we drove to the daytime camping and we were so impressed! From feeding the animals at the farm, taking pictures with the cut outs were a hoot! Excellent walking traile that led to the creek ? was spectacular! We will definitely be back in a heartbeat! And just like that we were driving in the city. Truly, truly super! A gift I surprised my boyfriend with and he loved it. Thanks for such a memorable vacation, a skip and hop away!
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