West & West-Central Campgrounds, Pancake Bay Provincial Park

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(Reviewed on August 2022)
Pissed off pregnant girlfriend, ruined birthday and weekend
DO NOT STAY IN LOT 438 OR 439. When we first got there, one entrance was an absolute mud pit from a still standing swamp and it went into the actual campsite. They laid a bunch of new gravel in front of the dog park trail, that obviously was a swamp before they laid the gravel down, cus it just pushed the swamp into lot 438 and 439. There was a native suspended between the picnic table and a tree, cocooned in a tarp to be off the muddy ground, that wasn't supposed to be there. Had to argue with the squatter that we had this lot and he tried to offer us his lot. (Which didn't make any sense- why wasn't he at his lot? Was it more of a sh*t hole than this mud pit? And then when he left to "his" lot which was across the road, at about 10pm, a nice new F-150 and trailer came by. Drove by a couple times and slowed down by our lot every time. Turns out the native was in this family's lot and the father got out to try and talk to him and wasn't going to argue so he said he would just find another spot. Which he didn't and ended up sleeping at the garbage disposal lot. The next day, bright and early, the native hid somewhere else and the family finally got their lot. Only know this cus we talked and both complained about him to the front office and they did nothing about it for either of us.) Anyways, when we went to ask for another lot cus ours was brown water, they couldn't move us cus there were no other sites available. (We went for a walk that night and found 5 or 6 empty). The next day we had to go buy more tarps just to lay down on the site cus it was still that muddy and wet. Company also showed up and they were as happy as we were about it all, they even got their car stuck in the mud pit they called an entrance. To add salt to the wounds, the next day, park workers came to fill potholes near our site but did nothing about the swamp that started in our site, went down the road-making a mess of the road, and into the next site. Then to top off the weekend, down at the beach, we were given a $155 ticket for "unlawfully disturb natural object" for parking somewhere I guess we shouldn't have been? The area had already been flattened by other vehicles, other vehicles were parked near us, and there were no signs. But of course, cus they saw us there and not the drivers of the other vehicles, we got the ticket. Funny, still didn't help us with the swamp we were living in but they sure were adamant about "disturbing a natural object"- like they didn't do that laying a gravel parking pad in a swamp between to sites? This weekend was a complete waste of money and time spent trying to fix things to be able to "camp". Just glad we didn't have our first child yet, that our company didn't have their 2 year old, cus that swamp would've been a drowning hazard and things could've got uglier. 10/10 waste. Never again.


(Reviewed on September 2021)
Amazing Campground
First time went camping and this is a magnificent campground.
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