Darlington Provincial Park

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(Reviewed on August 2021)
Don't Plan to Return
I took my daughter here for a quick one night getaway just the two of us. We were turned away at the gate and told to come back at 2pm. I explained we just wanted to use the beach and trails until 2pm when our site would be ours. They said no, despite other provincial parks allowing this and told me to go into Bowmanville to find a beach and something to do. Once we came back after killing 3 hours elsewhere, we went to our site to set up. We were site 132, with a pretty good slope on it. It does state this when I booked so I was not surprised. The fire pit is towards the back right and the actual size is good. It's also mostly shady which was nice with such a humid day. Water tap is the path beside the side. There are comfort stations about 6 campsites away in both directions, one with showers and laundry. We went to the beach and it was a disappointment. I heard they did work on the beach since I was a kid so I was excited to see it but it was all rocks. Fortunately my daughter had her water shoes but I didn't make it very far. It is quite a large beach and there are several large day picnic areas with lots of BBQs available to use. There are 4 trails to check out and they outline nicely what you can expect. Also, the train whistle is quite close and loud, especially through the night. We made the most of our time together and enjoyed each other's company but I will not be revisiting this campground. We have checked it off our bucket list.
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