Restoule Provincial Park

Campground Overview

Surrounded by lakes, Restoule Provincial Park is in a beautiful area just an hour away from North Bay. Restoule offers plenty of facilities for both overnight and day trips. With a wide variety of activities and landscapes, there will be something here for everyone. Go to Restoule in the fall to feast your eyes on the gorgeous autumn colours surrounding the sparkling water of the lakes.


There are plenty of hiking and biking opportunities here, with over 8 km of trails ranging in difficulty and terrain. The park’s fire tower trail is a must for any visitor. Showing off the park’s forests and rocky ridges, it goes past the historic fire tower to end at a spectacular view from the top of the 100-m Stormy Lake Bluff. For those who want to enjoy the water, Restoule offers an array of lake activities such as canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding.

If you’re visiting during the months of July and August, you can also partake in the park’s Discovery Drop-In. By picking up a Discovery Activity Book (or bringing one you already own) and some equipment provided by the park, you can learn about the plants and animals that call Restoule home.


Restoule offers an array of camping options to cater to any visitor. There are car and walk-in campsites not far from the entrance for your convenience. However, the park also offers easy-access backcountry campsites. Many of these sites are next to sandy beaches and are accessible by canoe, kayak, or paddleboard. Being easy to access, these sites are perfect for individuals or families that are new to backcountry camping. Whether you’re staying at a walk-in site or a backcountry site, you’ll be enjoying a beautiful and private stay!

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