Advice for first time rv winter camping family

QuestionsAdvice for first time rv winter camping family
Andreas Duess asked 6 years ago

Hi there,
I am contemplating renting an RV and taking the family winter camping to Mew Lake for the February long weekend. With three young kids, we’re not quite ready for a tent experience. In your estimation, is this possible? We are experienced summer campers – we own an old Airstream trailer – but for this occasion I would be renting a Class C or Class A RV down here in Toronto, then drive it up.

Many thanks,

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John Sankey answered 6 years ago

Yes, it’s not only possible but can be a marvellous experience. With your children, you must ensure that it’s a positive experience, and that means a warm place to retreat to. Write in the rental contract: your rig MUST be able to keep above 10C with -25C outside. Further, ensure that your rental for the campground includes electrical access.
I operated off-grid with my own Class C for many years, but rental RV’s usually aren’t owned by people who love our Canadian winters 🙁  Get everything in writing! See for more hints.

Liz answered 6 years ago

Not all companies will rent for the winter, best to confirm.  We love winter camping but our RV stays home.  Last summer we purchased an old slide in camper to go in.  We are comfy cozy but it would be tight fit for a family.

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