Are man-eating bears a real thing in Ontario?

QuestionsCategory: BackcountryAre man-eating bears a real thing in Ontario?
Alicia asked 4 years ago

A friend of mine recently watched the movie ‘backcountry’ recently and she can’t stop talking about ‘man-eating bears’. She also kept talking about how such incidents actually happened here in Ontario in the past.
Are ‘man eating bears’ a real thing?
If yes, how come there are still hundreds of campers venturing into Ontario backcountry every year?

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Jean-Louis Poulin answered 4 years ago

No, the bears won’t attack or eat you.  Unless you flavour yourself with spicy bear spray and wear bells that tinckle to catch their attention.  Then you might get eaten…

Camper Christina answered 4 years ago

LOL, nope, not a real thing.  Our bears in Ontario are fairly friendly. They only want food and they don’t like to see people or been seen by them.  

Greg answered 4 years ago

Anything is possible

John answered 4 years ago

There have been the occasional bear attack but this occurs about as often a lightening strike on a human sitting in a car. Those that are recorded are usually due to human/bear cub interaction where mama bear objects. Or during a post hibernation food search where humans are careless with camp food storage. Human/bear interaction is difficult to to participate in unless you bring along a dozen of Tim Horton’s finest.

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