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Max asked 5 years ago

Is anyone able to suggest any good “training” resources for the backcountry beginner. We’d be interested in attending a course or program for example that would provide a bit more than introductory information for backcountry camping.
Perhaps there is a comprehensive reference book, or video series or similar that would provide must know information with respect to trip planning, equipment selection, packing, menus, etiquette, emergencymanagement etc.
Anyone? 🙂

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SmedleyCo answered 5 years ago

Hi Max,
Your best bet will likely be the usual Google searches to try to find what you are after. I\’m not aware of a lot of all in one How to Backcountry camp books or courses. There are likely lots of more specific pieces, like learning to canoe, first-aid etc.
You could try Kevin Callan\’s book Wilderness Pleasures as a starting point. You may also want to start off with a guided trip, you should be able to find one that is geared towards helping you learn the ropes. Just reading some of the many canoe trip reports available online would give you a ton of information on how to backcountry camp.
But I think YouTube and Google will uncover all kinds of information given the right search. Try guided canoe trips, trip reports, backcountry camping how to and similar.
Hope that helps a little bit.

Jeff McColl answered 5 years ago
Tons of information on routes and equipment to go through. 
Probably a lot more than you think, but lots for you to digest at various levels.

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