Best Backcountry camping spots in Algonquin Park?

QuestionsCategory: BackcountryBest Backcountry camping spots in Algonquin Park?
Renee asked 4 years ago

Hi everyone.
I usually go to Burnt Island or one of the Joe lakes in Algonquin park  (via access point #5: Canoe Lake) but they’re booked on the days I want to go. Does anyone have a suggestion for another lake in Algonquin that is similar to the Joes or Burnt island? I am looking for canoe access sites that don’t have a lot of portages (or not a lot of long portages) to get to them.

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Joanne Spence answered 4 years ago

We just canoed in through Rain Lake and stayed in Sawyer lake. Lots of sites were open there. Portages were easy.

Camper Christina answered 4 years ago

HI Renee!  I love going to the West side or even the North part of the park. The higher up you go, the better your chances are of getting sites. Unfortunately this will probably make your drive longer, but in most cases, to me anyways, it is worth the extra time on the road.  Round Lake (camp on North Tea with just 2 small easy portages in) Rain Lake (as Joanne mentioned) , Tim Lake (no portages in) and  Cedar/Brent  are all great lakes to start at and then paddle into smaller lakes for a good site.  Hope you find what you’re looking for.  Cheers!  

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