Camping advice for a group of travelers from Belgium – Killarney/Grundy

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Chris asked 5 years ago

Hi, We are a group of 7 adults and 6 small children from Belgium. We are spending 3 weeks in Ontario end of july and we wanted to include a canoe trip in Killarney but the backcountry campgrounds we where interested in are already fully booked. We are looking for an alternative and we found that Grundy lake was a nice area to spend some days camping and canoeing. But I had the impression that there is no longer a supply post where we can rent Canoes. The website of the company does not work. Is there anybody who knows something about that? does anybody have information if we can rent some canoes there? Thanks.

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Admin answered 5 years ago

Hello Chris, Yes Grundy Lake is a good place to camp. A favorite for many locals. Although, good campsites might have been booked already.
I don’t think the Grundy Lake Supply Post is closed. They might not be maintaining the website well. Many of these places are small and family run and cater to regular customers, so they might not have a website maintained well. Try calling them on (705) 383-2251.
Here are a couple of other options you have:

  1. Hartley Bay Marina
  2. French River Supply Post & Marina (it looks like they don’t have a website either. Try calling them (705) 857-2128)
  3. French River Adventures


Chris answered 5 years ago

Thanks a lot for your answer. all the best.

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