Go-to meals for backcountry camping

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Jordan asked 3 years ago

What are your go-to meals for backcountry camping? Looking specifically for ideas of how to ensure adequate protein and vegetable intake!

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Sakthi answered 3 years ago

check out this post. Jim has some great suggestions!

Jasmine answered 3 years ago

I usually prepare chili or pasta sauce a head of time and freeze it. That way it allows you to keep fresh food longer and allows you to have a nice filling meal on ur second, third or even fourth depending how well its kept in your bag.

Elizabeth R answered 3 years ago

Basically anything you can cook on the stove! And preparing meal kits ahead of time can be helpful! For example, there are bannock recipes you can cook over the fire, which is a great add on for soups, stews, and chili!

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