Is it fair to impose penalty for cancelling a campsite reservation?

QuestionsCategory: CampingIs it fair to impose penalty for cancelling a campsite reservation?
Duey asked 5 years ago

There should not be a penalty when you have to cancel a reservation.  Sometimes things happen and you have to cancel, but we shouldn’t be penalized for it.  This is so wrong and so costly.  Then they rent out the site and make money on it anyways, so that’s basically getting paid twice for the same site.  I’ve even had website problems occur, mistakes happen, after getting it all straightened out, I still got penalized.
This is so wrong and should be removed.  This type of penalty serves no purpose.  Its bad business practice.

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Ryan Comeau answered 5 years ago

Absolutly there should! Camp sites are limited across Ontario. 

Mary T answered 5 years ago

Absolutely, there should be a charge.  As Ryan stated there are a limited amount of campsites in Ontario. By having a cancellation fee it prevents people from booking when they’re not 100% sure they’re going to go. It also prevents people from booking multiple sites within the same campground or multiple campgrounds. By having a cancellation fee it ensures prolo le only book when they are serious about going. 

Kathy answered 5 years ago

Not only should they – the fees should be MORE punitive!
There are a number of “campers” who book multiple sites – for longer blocks that they require – in order to secure either a favourable site, or popular time…. think long weekends, summer months.  Then, just before they are subject to penalty, they cancel all the superfluous days and just keep the ones they want.
This makes it even more difficult to book/reserve in advance.  AND if there are, say, 6 people on the site the penalty is happily paid as it is negligible.
I think people ought to be charged for EVERY DAY that they have booked, and steeper fines.

Jd answered 5 years ago


Terry Mayer answered 5 years ago

Yeah, shit happens —  but the campsite may go unused costing every taxpayer money.   Without a fee, people are going to book numerous weekend sites — always hard to get — because there is no downside.

Mike answered 5 years ago

I agree with those above who support cancellation penalties. I appreciate that one can’t always avoid cancelling a trip and when that happens the penalties seem harsh. However I believe that the disappointment of not being able to enjoy our Ontario parks because you can’t find a campsite as a result of the selfish practices of individuals as described above, then the penalties are worth it.
If for some reason I have to cancel and pay the penalty, I view that as an investment in our beautiful provincial park system.

Ann Ryan answered 5 years ago

Yes. Their a lot of people that are disappointed because they can not get a campsite. Some people are just greedy and book more than they need or want and then cancel. 

ArturoReith answered 5 months ago




JacksonTog answered 4 months ago

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