Is Ontario Parks free in 2017? How to get the free pass?

QuestionsIs Ontario Parks free in 2017? How to get the free pass?
Admin asked 6 years ago
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Admin answered 6 years ago

There has been a lot of fuzz around the free entry to Ontario Parks, celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary. Actually that is a initiative from Parks Canada, which is different from Ontario Parks.
Parks Canada is a national body that manages National Parks, National Marine Conservation Areas and National Historic Sites. E.g. Bruce Peninsula National Park, Banff, Jasper etc.
Whereas, Ontario Parks manages provincial parks within Ontario. E.g. Algonquin, Killarney etc.
The free Discovery pass 2017 is a initiative announced by Parks Canada, waiving the entrance/visitor fees to all of the parks and historic sites that come directly under its control. This does not apply to the parks governed by Ontario Parks. Ontario Parks as such has its own fees which are still very much applicable and you can find the details here
Also, note that the free Discovery Pass announced by Parks Canada applies only to the entrance fees. The camping fees, reservation fees and other fees are still applicable. You can find more details here
Hope this helps!

Tom Racher answered 6 years ago  •  Private

NY 2 R

Mahmood answered 6 years ago

Need free 2 pass

Mahmood answered 6 years ago

Need free 2 pass

tony and vicki van gerven answered 6 years ago

how do i obtain the free pass to the provincial parks  thanks

TONY VAN GERVEN answered 6 years ago

how do i get the free pass into provincial parks

judy answered 6 years ago

you dont dum dum

Bob answered 6 years ago

the free pass is for Parks Canada only……not provincial parks

Abdul Waheed answered 6 years ago

i aslo need free passes

Heather Herman answered 5 years ago

Patks Canada is offering the free passes- so not applicable at provincial parks.   BUT great for entry to a lot of interesting places!!!   Go online and request your pass!!    While there, check put the list  of places you can go! 

TP answered 5 years ago

Parks Canada is offering a Discovery Pass to the 2017 season only. This is for Federal parks only, not Provincial Parks. That being said, it is for Day use parking only, it does not waive usual camping fees if you book sites.

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