Is Torrance Barrens Open for Camping?

QuestionsCategory: CampingIs Torrance Barrens Open for Camping?
Christopher Yang asked 3 years ago

I was told there was a period of time last year when camping was prohibited in Torrance Barrens. Is it open to campers now?

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Camper Christina answered 3 years ago

As far as I have heard, Torrance Barrens is open for camping (word of mouth in Muskoka).  I don’t think there is any way to contact the park for information and the only true way to find out is to go there.  They do have a facebook page, but it doesn’t look like it’s monitored often.  I would send them a message there and see if someone may reply, or post on the page and see if someone has been there more recently and could confirm.   Best of luck in your search.

F. Lancaster answered 2 years ago

We were just up there and there are no camping signs all over the place around the parking lots which have developed. Having folks in there with fires etc. would really ruin the Dark Sky Preserve wouldn\’t it?

Reggie answered 9 months ago

There is no longer any camping allowed at Torrence Barrins! People left too much garbage. Were too noising and light pollution so eventually they completely banned it. OPP will clear you out usually early Saturday mornings.

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