How long is the Winter season in Algonquin?

QuestionsHow long is the Winter season in Algonquin?
Ben asked 6 years ago

I am trying to determine the length of the winter season in Algonquin.
How long will conditions be good for skiing or snowshoeing? It looks
like Yurts are not available till mid-late March, not sure if conditions
will be worth it then.
New York State.

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Camper Christina answered 6 years ago

HI Ben!
I hope you are well!  The question you ask is definitely not an easy one. As with seasons where you are, they can last different amounts of time every year and it is never something that can be accurately predicted.   Yurts book up very fast in the park, usually when the reservation system opens up 5 months before the booking date. So basically, if you are coming at a busy time or a weekend, you would most likely need to book the yurt 5 months before your planned arrival date to have the best chance of getting one.  With that said, there are lots of other options of places to stay while visiting the park, including, cabins, lodges, motels or even winter camping.
Last year we had snow well into April and the winter and snowfall we had was much less than the amounts we’ve received this season. With that being said, late March will most likely still be a great time for skiing and snowshoeing in the park, but again, it is not a guaranteed yes.
There are resources you can check online to assist you. One is at:  This site will give you the current ski trail conditions for the trails in the park and should help you with your questions.
This site may also assist in answering some of your questions:
Regardless of the time of year you visit Algonquin Park, it is always a beautiful place with many things to see and do, and I hope you still visit and enjoy your time there!


Liz answered 6 years ago

We’ve been in March and April for a few years.  One year it was mid 20 C and only snow banks could be found but the last 2 years there were still feet of snow and good snowshoeing conditions.  Camper Christina has given you some great information. 

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