National & Ontario Parks are reserved, where else can I go camping in Ontario?

QuestionsCategory: CampingNational & Ontario Parks are reserved, where else can I go camping in Ontario?
Mike D asked 5 years ago

We are a group of 5 who are looking to go camping in Southern to Near North Ontario.  Its the May 11th weekend and every site that we’ve looked at has an alcohol ban from then until after Victoria Day.  No we are not boozers and are not doing this just to get hammered in the woods.  It’s simple, we are guys in the outdoors, will be BBQing steak and simply want to have the option to drink a few beers by the fire at night and relax.  Since there will be a prohibition era-like crackdown on alcohol while we’re out in the middle of nowhere, we would like to find another type of nowhere.  National parks are too busy and restrictive as well.  Does anyone know where we can find a decent place to camp that’s somewhat quiet and private but legal to camp at?  I would prefer to stay away from anything too crazy like Crown Lands where we’d have to hike in through the woods.  Having the car nearby would be nice.  I am currently looking into Torrance Barrens.
Any input would be very appreciated!

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Scott answered 5 years ago

I wish I’d seen this earlier. For next time there’s all kinds of different campsites around sw ontario. Some are more lenient about group’s than others. As long as you’re not too rowdy I’ve had good experiences at Shady Pines in Ailsa Craig. There’s a river at the back to explore too. 

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