What are some meal ideas for camping with kids?

QuestionsCategory: CampingWhat are some meal ideas for camping with kids?
Mackenzie asked 3 years ago
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Camper Christina answered 3 years ago

I don’t have any kids but love kid-like meals (aka easy simple things).  Spider dogs are a favorite with many kids. You slice the hot dog at each end towards the middle and cook them over the fire like that. I also love to make campfire pizza. It is simple. I use pita bread, place some sauce on it or even salsa or pesto and let the kids put on their own toppings like, pepperoni, hot dogs, sausauge, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, peppers, different cheeses. You can cut up all the toppings ahead of time so it is easy to prepare on site.  You can also make dessert pizzas using things like nutella, jam, peanut butter, pie filling etc.  A simple way to make s’mores is using celebration cookies. they are biscuits that have chocolate on one side, all you need is to add a marshmallow and you’re all set.  Hope these ideas helped! Happy camping!  

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