What are some of the “must haves” for backcountry camping?

QuestionsCategory: BackcountryWhat are some of the “must haves” for backcountry camping?
Catherine Hickey asked 5 years ago

When organizing and packing your gear for a backcountry camping excursion, what are some of the “must haves” recommendations to bring with you on your trip?

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Jeff McColl answered 5 years ago

A lot has to do with the season you are camping in, whether or not you are back pack or canoe/kayak.  
Another would be solo or more, whether you like to play survivor person or be comfy.
For many it is having gear like “inreach” or some other communication device.
It is a very personal thing and you will get different response from various “experts”
Personally for me I prefer shoulder seasons – less people – less bugs.
But I also like to be comfortable in conditions that can more than a little “iffy” so I do not mind the extra carry or two 🙂
So it really is a number of things that go together to make a good trip happen.

Carole Toppazzini answered 5 years ago

Before heading out in the wilderness, creat a list of gear items that are essential items for survival. 
So depending on weather conditions and seasons your pack may be heavier at times. 
I always pack too much but I rather have more than not enough. 
Here is a sample of items we bring   Hats gloves long pants long sleeve shirts rain gear tarp rope hand saw small stove a pot dry goods water pump Nalgene bottle self inflating mat a good sleeping bag waterproof compression bags for clothing and bedding hot paws cumpass map whistle bear mace electrolight tabs for the water incase you need a boost of energy oh and don’t forget a small shovel and some TP!!!  

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