What are the best Ontario campgrounds with beach/swimming nearby?

QuestionsCategory: CampingWhat are the best Ontario campgrounds with beach/swimming nearby?
Wesley Lincoln Reibeling asked 3 years ago
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Betty answered 3 years ago

Killbear, Sandbanks and Mara are my favourites. They all have long sandy beaches with gradual depth. You have to book early 5 months in advance, for Killbear and Sandbanks though.

Pat answered 3 years ago

Where is the best locations to camp that have power and running water? 2 hrs from Toronto max

L.Walsh answered 3 years ago

Puberty Provincial Park – Dunes or Burley campground are both close to an amazing beach on Lake Huron. 
Further north along Lake HUron is a Inverhuron Provincial Park with a nice beach. 
MacGregor Point provincial park has a nice beach but small in size for the size of the park and camping sites. 

L.Walsh answered 3 years ago

Meant Pinery!!! See above

Sam answered 3 years ago

Sandbanks is amazing! The park staff are great and I’ve never had a problem finding parking! The campsites are also great! They are close to the beach and there’s always something to do! 

Jo-Anne answered 3 years ago

I love Grundy, no moterized boats makes for beautiful clean beaches

Tracey Mussett answered 3 years ago

My favourite will always be Bon Echo Provincial Park. 

Paula answered 3 years ago

Killbear Provincial Park…sites just steps from the beach

Jordan answered 3 years ago

Sleeping Giant Provinical Park has 3 campgrounds and lots of back country camping locations – I’ve been to Marie Louise Lake and would 100% recommend it if you’re up in north western ontario!

Cat Turner answered 3 years ago

Fitzroy provincial park has two beaches! A larger more public one and a smaller more shallow beach for little ones or quieter times.

Douglas answered 3 years ago

News Provincial Park on the north shore of Lake Superior. The beach is over 1km long with fantastic hiking trails that pop out to other beaches.

Samantha Maislin answered 3 years ago

Charleston Lake has my favourite camping with beach access! Sandbanks is also a great option, just often has a lot more traffic. 

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