Best parks to camp within an hour of Toronto?

QuestionsBest parks to camp within an hour of Toronto?
iheartcamping asked 4 years ago

I’m planning a 4 night camping trip but would like to stay as close to home as possible as this will be our first time travelling with a 2 year old.  Any suggestions for a nice park within an hour of Toronto?  Also, any favourite sites?

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Ann Ryan answered 4 years ago

Bass Lake near Orillia is a good one. Darlington PP and. Presquille

Dave answered 4 years ago

Emily is very nice and has a nice beach close to the camp area.

Ann W. answered 4 years ago

There is overnight camping in the Rouge Valley park. It is about an hour outside of downtown Toronto. Have fun camping with your child, some of our family’s best memories weee made while camping in Ontario’s beautiful parks. Start small as you are planning to and do more challenging trips as you feel more confident. Enjoy! 

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