What is the easiest food to bring camping with a long drive ahead?

QuestionsCategory: CampingWhat is the easiest food to bring camping with a long drive ahead?
Brooke Buchanan asked 5 years ago
8 Answers
CamperDave answered 5 years ago

One of the most convenient things that we take camping are foods from M & M. you can take frozen foods and let them thaw in the cooler during the duration of your trip and they are vacuum sealed so last long! The pre-cooked burgers or sausages (or bacon-no refrigeration) are delicious and SO handy.

Pam answered 4 years ago

Bring cereal, marshmallows are easily good to bring on long drive

Anjana singh answered 4 years ago

Sandwiches, crackers, fruits and water

ArturoReith answered 4 months ago






JacksonTog answered 4 months ago

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