What is the safest way to store food and garbage when backcountry camping?

QuestionsCategory: BackcountryWhat is the safest way to store food and garbage when backcountry camping?
andrea breau asked 4 years ago
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Sue Zaple answered 4 years ago

( 1) Always keep a clean camp sight , Free from litter,  free of food items if not using . Clean your cooking area, Grills,  
camp stoves ETC. 
Wash dishes immediately after eating , with biodegradable soap , such as wilderness wash. bought at most   
Outdoor store,s, You can also clean pots and dishes with  gravel, Better still use paper plates, and burn them. 
(2)  Have about 100 FT. of cord with you, and hang your garbage and food in a tree is the safest to keep it away  
from Wild life looking for food. 
You can buy a lightweight electric fence & batterie set up and surround your entire camp, which basically protects 
everything , but it will cost $435.00 and tax.  Buy bear resistant  Yeti tundra ice chest which helps with odor of  
foods,  and Opsak odor proof bags for  tooth past, deodorant, lotions bug sprays….                
Most national Parks  and provincial Parks have bear proof containers for your use. 

Alison answered 4 years ago

Up in a tree and a tight sealed cooler 

Mike Lehman answered 4 years ago

Clean camping as posted above, hang your food, garbage and toiletries in a tree. Most back country sites have wires or chains set up in sites closer to the main camp sites. Fire your cans, burn the good and smell out of them and burn the gsrbage that you can. Please remember to pack out all remaining garbage and leave the site cleaner than you found it.

Melinda answered 3 years ago

Use a camping barrel. Waterproof too. Bear proof. Firs lots of stuff too. Easy to carry on your back with a barrel harness.

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