What’s the difference between frontcountry camping and backcountry camping?

QuestionsCategory: CampingWhat’s the difference between frontcountry camping and backcountry camping?
Kelsey Donald asked 4 years ago

What is the difference between front country camping and back country camping?

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Jeff McColl answered 4 years ago

Front country camping is car camping, with all your gear and showers and bathrooms close at hand.
Back country camping is taking you gear with you, via either paddle, hike or outfitter.
Some back country sites are easy, some a “little” more difficult both in preparation and accessibility.

Mike Lehman answered 4 years ago

Front Country camping includes all possible comforts including power, flushable toilets and showers. Multi room tents, or trailers. 
Back Country includes a love of the outdoors, lightweight multi usage equipment, concepts of layering clothing.
Awareness of clean camping is a must as not to feed the local animals. Safe Drinking water awareness. 
Either hiking or canoeing are options, more equipment can be carried in a canoe than in a back pack great if you are on one lake, brutal if you are portaging.
Not trying to scare people if you do not have the skills to aback Country camp find somebody that knows and tag along.
There are treasures hidden in Provincisl Parks go and explore!

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