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Rainy day hack for your Eureka bug shelter

Rainy day hack for your Eureka bug shelter

By David Bain, Kitchener.

What do you do on those days during your camping trip when the wind blows the rain sideways? We love our Eureka tarp and bug shelter….but sometimes getting 4 guys under the tarp and keeping your gear nice and dry (not to mention blocking a cold wind off the lake) can be a priority! Our solution is to use 2 sil-nylon tarps and a bunch of clamps from Lee Valley. The key is to fold the seam where the Eureka tarp and the sil-nylon tarp meet (green and blue in these pictures) over several times prior to clamping so that you have a water/wind tight connection. It would be nice to pre-cut the tarps to shape….but their rectangular shape does allow you to create a large “vestibule” to keep your gear dry. Enjoy!


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