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Sandbanks Provincial Park Reviews

Sandbanks Provincial Park Reviews

By Maeghan Mott

Sandbanks Provincial Park is my favorite “car camping” spot in Ontario because the expansive beach reminds me of the relaxed sandy beaches of the Caribbean. It faces southwest over Lake Ontario making it ideal for sunbathing, paddle boarding and walking at sunset. It’s a great choice for families because children will love climbing the dunes and swimming in the shallow water. The camping spots along the beach are basically sandboxes so if you’d don’t like sand in everything pick a spot farther away. The sand in these sites can also make it challenging to park a camping trailer. It can get very busy during the summer so I suggest going in September. The beach is so sunny and the water shallow enough that you may be able to swim at that time of year. It is also conveniently located in Prince Edward County if you like wine tours.

My Favorite Things To Do: Walk with my family along the beach at sunset.

My Favorite Campsite: Any of the sites along the beach are great because you can easily access the water. Dunes usually block your view of the beach but allow for more privacy. Book early as they fill up!


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