Short Hills Provincial Park-overview

Short Hills Provincial Park is a non-operating park owned by Ontario Parks. The park is located in the Niagara Region in Southern Ontario, close to St Catherine’s town. As a non-operating park, it has no facilities or staff on site, but has three parking lots for visitors to park their vehicles.


The park offers hiking, biking, horseback riding and bird watching opportunities. Hiking is the most popular activity, you can bring your dog too.


The trails at Short Hills PP are beautiful, well marked and you can enjoy small waterfalls along the way. The waterfalls are seasonal and are sure to be visible during wet season. The trails are fairly easy, no huge valleys or hills. Parts of the trails can be very muddy and very slippery after heavy rain.

Hiking only Trails (Blue markings):

  • Terrace Creek Trail
  • Scarlet Tanager Trail
  • Hemlock Valley Trail

Mixed Use Trails – Hiking, Biking and Horseback riding (Yellow markings):

  • Black Walnut Trail
  • Swayze Falls Trail
  • Very Berry Trail

Wheelchair Accessible Trails (Red marking):

  • Paleozoic Trail – designed for people with disabilities and beginner hikers, made of hard gravel surface suitable for wheel chair and baby strollers. The trail also has barrier free benches with scenic views.


There is no camping allowed in this park.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed in the hiking trails as long as they are on leash.

Short Hills Provincial Park

If you go:

  • There are no washrooms in the park, so plan accordingly.
  • Watch out for ticks. Check yourself and your dog throughly for ticks when you are exiting the park.
  • The trails can get real muddy and difficult to hike during rainy season.
  • The historic mill turned museum ‘Morningstar Mill’ is located closeby the park, you can include it in your itinerary if time permits.

Park Stats:

  • Year Established: 1985
  • Size: Approximately 660 ha.