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Photo Essay: Birding in Darlington Provincial Park

Photo Essay: Birding in Darlington Provincial Park

When thinking of things to do in winter, you might not think about a winter walk into one of Ontario’s Park’s but there’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered just a short drive east from Toronto.  This little gem, named Darlington Park is located just off the Courtice Rd. exit off the 401 Hwy. With breathtaking views of Lake Ontario, Darlington Park has plenty to offer, being one of the largest bird migration areas.

It offers plenty of birding and bird photography opportunities at this hidden gem throughout the year. In winter, Darlington Park is particularly beautiful with plenty to explore and see. Bring your camera, and binoculars to capture nature at its finest. Smell the fresh, cool, crisp air.  It offers incredible winter landscapes to exciting bird watching opportunities. Look above and see a Red-Tailed Hawk hunting for its lunch. Long-tailed Ducks, Goldeneye Ducks, Lesser Scaups, Mallards, Swans and other birds swim amongst the ice in the frigid waters. Watch beautiful male cardinals perched amongst the pine trees brightening up winter landscapes with their beautiful red feathers while Chickadees fly about. Nut Hatches and House Finches will welcome you with bird seed offerings. Take on the challenge of finding the Barred Owls hidden amongst the pine trees.  Hear nothing but the birds chirping, the trees rustling and the ice crackling on Lake Ontario. Other common bird sightings are Nut Hatches, Blue Jays and the Downy Woodpeckers.  You never know you might encounter at this winter gem.  A gem awaiting your discovery.

Red-Tailed Hawk at Darlington park


Nut Hatch - Birding at Darlington Provincial Park


Mallard Duck - Birding in Ontario


Barred Owl - spotted at Darlington Provincial Park


Goldeneye Duck


House Finch (male)


Long tailed duck


Chickadee - Bird


Lesser Scaup Duck


Song Sparrow - Birding in Ontario

By Jennifer Hemmings

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