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Winter Camping Checklist

Winter Camping Checklist

By Kate Ming-Sun.

When I pack for trips, I like to have a checklist handy so that I don’t forget anything crucial when I head out into the backcountry. This is particularly true for my winter trips when a missing item could be the key to a safe adventure in cold temperatures. Here is my winter camping checklist:


Sleep System: Shelter:
Sleeping bag (mine’s rated to -20°C) Tent, fly, and pegs
Fleece liner Ground sheet
Over-bag Repair kit
Stuff sack and waterproofing system (garbage bag) Snow shovel
Yellow foam Duct tape (just in case)
Thermal blanket/tarp
Hat to sleep in Active Clothing:
Emergency long johns – top and bottom Sock liners
Emergency socks Vapor liner socks
Wool socks
Cooking: Winter boots / hikers
Stove and repair kit Gaiters
Fuel pump Mid-weight long johns – top and bottoms
Fuel bottle Soft-shell pants
Extra fuel and bottle Snow pants
Wind screen Sports bra
Bottom heat deflector Synthetic or merino underwear
Stove base Running sweater
Multi-tool (for pot gripper among other things) Fleece vest
Dish cloth Fleece jacket
Lighters North Face jacket
1L pot Hat
Plastic fork/spoon Mitts
Bowl, coffee mug Glove liners
2-1L water bottles (not metal) Quick dry or merino tee
Food and snacks
Spices Dry Clothing:
Oil Fleece leggings and top
Camp soap Dry mitts / gloves
Glove liners
Safety: Wool socks
Personal first aid kit Hat
Whistle Down booties
Compass Balaclava
Headlamp and spare batteries Down jacket
Trip plan / Emergency Response Plan
Repair kit (zip ties, matches, needle & thread, etc.)
Miscellaneous: Hygiene:
Sunscreen Toothbrush
Lip balm Toothpaste
Bandana Sunscreen
Sunglasses Hand sanitizer
Watch Toilet paper
Glasses Matches
Extra plastic bags and garbage bags


One thought on “Winter Camping Checklist

  1. What a list… But very handy. I couldn’t even think of one thing to add. When I started reading the list the first thing that came to mind that is most important to me is my multi-tool (for all things miscellaneous) but then I read that on your list too, and I was instantly impressed.

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