Kelso Conservation Area

1 Reviews 5234 Kelso Rd, Milton, ON L9E 0C6

A large conservation area located near Milton, Ontario. The park is owned and managed by Halton Conservation authority and offers great biking and mountain biking opportunities in the Summer. In the Winter, the park transforms into a popular ski and snowboarding destination


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Sakthi P

(Reviewed on May 2021)
Great park - best suited for hiking and mountain biking
I visited Kelso conservation area this past weekend (May 2021) for the first time. I was surprised to the sheer number of trails available. All the trails are suitable for both hiking and mountain biking. I can see that there were more people mountain biking in the park than hiking. I hiked for 2 hrs. Kelso is different from many other parks in a way that the trails are very interconnected - there is no separate loop trails or linear trails that is distinguishable from one another. Its more like a maze, so you definitely need to have a map handy. I saw many biking as a family - with young kids. It was lovely. The first portion of the trails (from the parking) is uphill and after that the gradient is not that steep. This is because the park turns to a popular ski and snowshoeing spot during the winter Overall, I am glad I found this park. I enjoyed hiking but I think it would be even more enjoyable for biking. There is also a small beach in the park, and picnic spots
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