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My Favorite Campsite in Ontario: Cascade Falls, Pukaskwa National Park

My Favorite Campsite in Ontario: Cascade Falls, Pukaskwa National Park

Type: Backcountry

Where: Pukaskwa National Park

On the wild northern coast of Lake Superior in Pukaskwa National Park, Cascade Falls thunders over a sheer cliff on it’s final drop into the crystal clear waters of “Gitche Gumee“.  The campsite on the pristine beach beside the falls is surely one of the nicest sites in the province, and is my personal favorite. If you’re accessing the site via the Coastal Paddling route, you’ll also be able to take in the sand beaches and pictographs of Picture Rock Harbor, where you may be lucky enough to encounter one of Pukaskwa’s elusive Woodland Caribou. And on your way, be sure to explore the darkness of Namesake Cave, which is only accessible from the water.

My favorite campsite - Cascade Falls - Lake Superior - Pukaskwa National Park (8)

How to get there:

Access is via the Pukaskwa Coastal Hiking Trail, charter boat, or by paddling, the closest put-in being Hattie Cove. Hattie Cove is also where the Park Office for Pukaskwa National Park is located.

By Jim Baird

Jim Baird is a Canadian videographer, photographer, freelance writer, and adventurer. He is best known for his tremendous skills in a canoe and surviving in the Canadian bush. You can follow his adventures through his website theadventurer.ca

This blog is part of a series that features favorite campsites of fellow Ontario campers. If you would like to share your favourite campsite story, you can contact us via email.

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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Campsite in Ontario: Cascade Falls, Pukaskwa National Park

  1. Pukaskwa was certainly one of my two favourite parks. Gros Morne being the other. I camped after a long drive from the French River and was amazed at the huge campsite I was given. The lake was so wild that day that many of the park visitors just stood on the shore staring at the waves of Superior. It calmed overnight and the lake was like glass. I loved the hikes and overall serenity of the Park as a whole.

  2. Definitely a truly amazing and beautiful place. It was very hard to leave this place and I dream of going back often.

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