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Algonquin Fall Colours Inspiration (in pictures)

Algonquin Fall Colours Inspiration (in pictures)

Algonquin is one of the most popular destinations in Ontario to view Fall Foliage. Here is why…

Track and Tower Trail

Fall colours at Track and Tower Trail, Algonquin
Photo: Jay Kerr Photography

Grand Lake

Fall colors at Grand Lake, Algonquin
Photo: Linda Sorensen

Ontario Parks Store at the West Gate

Algonquin Ontario Parks Store during Fall
Photo: JJ Photography

Beautiful Fall colour reflection on a lake

Algonquin Cottages and Fall color reflection
Photo: JJ Photography

Portage Store in Fall colour background

Portage Store in Fall colour background, Algonquin
Photo: JJ Photography
Fall Colours in Algonquin
Photo: JJ Photography


Algonquin Fall
Photo: Stan Klasz

Ragged Falls, just outside of Algonquin

Ragged Falls_Just outside of Algonquin_Courtesy_Stan Klasz
Photo: Stan Klasz

Rock Lake at the Booth’s Rock Trail

Rock Lake at the Booth's Rock Trail, Algonquin Fall Colours
Photo: Friends of Algonquin Park

Little Doe Lake

Little Doe Lake, Algonquin Fall Colours
Photo: Mark Rubino


Still not inspired enough? check out this beautiful video by Francisco Silva and I am sure you will be knocked out!

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